Founded in 1993 by Fahad Y. Zahid, Zahid Trading and Real Estate Company (Zahid TREC) quickly emerged as a key player in Saudi Arabia's rapidly evolving consumer market. With two distinct business sectors; fashion (lifestyles) and commercial real estate, Zahid TREC has over the last 20 years earned a reputation for its ability to create a successful and enduring presence for fashion and lifestyle brands in Saudi Arabia.


With our clear understanding of the lifestyles and aspirations of the people of Saudi Arabia, we have an ambitious expansion plan, looking to forge deep partnerships with new fashion and lifestyle brands, while also building on the success our existing ones.


While staying true to our ethos of trust, teamwork and expertise; our mission is to show our understanding of and appreciation towards the lifestyles of Saudi Arabia by continuing to align ourselves with global brands that appeal to those lifestyles and aspirations, thus achieving the results sought by our valued customers.


Our strength is in our people: we are a close-knit business founded on family values, and we've built our reputation through respectability, reliability and honesty - principles we still practice in all our affairs today.

We believe in transparency and honesty in our partnerships. We value ambition and are always striving for success, but we will never sacrifice what's most important, both to us and the brands we represent - our integrity.

Having been operating in the region since 1993, we have a unique understanding, respect and appreciation of lifestyles and culture. This puts us in a unique position to leverage our knowledge of local culture to strengthen brand presence across the region.


We build partnerships with brands who share our long term aspirations, values and goals. We look to align ourselves with brands that appeal to local lifestyles and have true potential. We are confident in our ability to add value to every partnership we create and protect the interests of the brands we represent as though they were our own. Over the last 20 years our approach and business principles have allowed us to maintain long-term excellent standing partnerships with numerous lifestyle brands.


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